When your vehicle has a dent or a ding, you might worry that it is going to cost a lot to repair the damage. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Paintless dent repair (PDR) has revolutionized the approach to repairing dents, dings, and even hail damage. At our Genoa paintless dent repair shop, we specialize in using this progressive approach to fixing dents of all shapes and sizes. When you are searching for a PDR repair shop in Genoa, look no further than Preferred Paintless Services

The Genoa PDR Process

Damage Assessment

At our Genoa shop, we will begin by assessing the dent to determine the best way to remove it. This means a careful multipoint inspection of the damage and the surrounding areas. Our qualified team uses special lighting to evaluate the curve and shape of the dent and then forms a plan on how to repair it. After that we will remove the areas obstructing the dent and get to work.

Gaining Access to The Dent

During the PDR process, we might remove portions of your vehicle like side panels, doors, or windows, to access the dent. That is because PDR is all about good access. Our technicians can match the contour of your vehicle as long as they have a clear view of the dent from behind. The result is a seamless and flawless exterior.

No More Splotchy Paint Finish

PDR is faster than traditional dent repair methods because it doesn’t require a complete paint job. Since our expert technicians do not have to match paint to your vehicle, it is even less likely that anyone will ever notice the repair, even in direct sunlight.

Small dents can occur anywhere – from parking lots, the open road, and even your own home. When you discover a dent, call our dent repair Genoa PDR experts at 903-280-8190 for a free quote!

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