Why PDR May Be A Better Choice Than Texarkana Body Repair?

Why PDR May Be A Better Choice Than Texarkana Body Repair?

Severe weather conditions can result to hail damage on most vehicles including yours. Sometimes door dings on your car can happen in parking lots. So how are you going to fix all these small dents? Paintless Dent Repair, which is also known as PDR, is more affordable than Texarkana body repair. Paintless Dent Repair is one of the numerous services being offered at Preferred Paintless Dent Removal.

Fast Repairs

Since Paintless Dent Repair is not an intrusive process of dent repair compared to Texarkana body repair, then your dents can be fixed quickly. Depending on the size and number of dents on your car, you can probably get back on the road within a few minutes to an hour. However, for severe damage due to hailstorms, the repair can be done in a few hours. With traditional body repair, the repair can probably be completed in days or weeks.

Does Not Damage Your Paint

One of the greatest benefits of PDR is it can preserve the original paint of your car. You don’t have to replace your body panels. Also, you don’t have to worry about any mismatched paint jobs which can make your car look unappealing. At the same time, this can lower down the value of your vehicle. Since  PDR does not use any paint or other chemicals, then it does not harm the environment compared to Texarkana body repair.

Texarkana Body Repair Is More Expensive

PDR is more affordable than Texarkana body repair. Most especially if the dent is only small and easier to reach. In fact, it even costs lesser than your insurance deductible. Thus, you don’t need to file a claim for the damage.

You Can Trust Our Highly Trained Technicians

When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair, we have skilled professional technicians who are specially trained in this technique. PDR is also considered as a work of art. By using proper tools and their unique skills, these technicians can effectively remove those annoying dents and dings on your car. PDR is the inexpensive alternative to Texarkana body repair.

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Why Should You Choose Paintless Dent Repair?

The resale value of any vehicle is dependent on numerous factors that the driver is responsible for. One of the most important factors is the visual quality of your ride. Dents, dings, and other minor inconveniences are very common in the busy day-to-day life of most Americans. As a result body shop costs tend to stack up, suddenly turning your vehicle into a huge expense.The Wake Village dent repair team is our answer to time consuming and resource intensive body shops.

Paintless dent repair is the premier alternative to body shops due mostly to its non-invasive nature. We don’t require you to purchase new paint or body panels, so your material costs won’t skyrocket.

PDR is also nearly three times faster than competing body shops. It’s hard enough to balance work, social, and family life. We offer mobile services that are often same day, so you can return to your busy schedule.

Your wallet will thank you when it comes time to trade in/sell. Factory paint is valued much higher than replacements, and visible dings will plummet your resale potential. PDR is the only non-invasive repair method that can keep all of that intact.

Is PDR Right For Your Vehicle?

Paintless dent repair is a very versatile method with room to adapt and improvise. Over the years it has evolved from a homemade remedy into its own industry spanning thousands of techs around the country. Today, PDR is used by residential and commercial clients alike. Our Wake Village dent repair crew can handle all kinds of vehicles including:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Antique vehicles

Most minor body dents can be repaired using PDR. Some limiting factors could include:

  • Damaged paint
  • Stretched or torn metal
  • Difficulty accessing the dent

Pick the Right Tech

Unfortunately, not all dent techs are equally qualified. As of now there is no licensing for PDR, therefore no performance standard. Your repairs are dependent on the technicians experience and practice. For this reason, it’s imperative you pick the right PDR company for the job. Preferred Paintless Service’s Wake Village dent repair team offers quick, safe solutions to minor body damage such as door dings or minor fender benders. Call us today at (903) 280-8190 for a free quote!