Completely Remove Dents At No Risk To Your Paint | Genoa Dent Repair

Completely Remove Dents At No Risk To Your Paint | Genoa Dent Repair

Bring your dented or dinged vehicle to the expert professionals at our Genoa dent repair shop. We can handle dent repair of all shapes and sizes. When you trust your vehicle to the professionals at our shop, you know you’re getting expert service coupled with quality craftsmanship.

Care For Your Vehicle Inside and Out

Your vehicle is an extension of yourself and your personality. There’s no reason that you need to drive around with a damaged vehicle. You take care of its engine and its interior, but the paint on the outside is just as important. It can protect your vehicle from the elements and lost value. Dents and dings can happen anywhere – from the unsuspecting shopping cart disaster to a major collision, and when they do, it’s imperative you get it fixed fast. No matter how the damage occurred, the technicians at our Genoa dent repair shop can help. Your vehicle is in safe hands.

Completely Remove Dents at No Risk To Your Paint

When you need dent repair, think of Preferred PDR. Our highly trained Genoa dent repair experts can evaluate dents and dings to determine the simplest, most efficient, and most cost effective solution for repair. Often this means that our Genoa dent repair shop is able to restore your vehicle using Paintless Dent Repair.

Our Non-Invasive Methods Are Fast and Affordable

Paintless Dent Repair saves you time and money because it doesn’t involve a complete paint job or removing portions of your vehicle to gain access to the dent. The results are flawless, and it’s all done in a fraction of the time.

Let us be your first choice for a Genoa dent repair shop. Before we start any work, we’ll provide you with a clear timeline and cost estimate to help you understand the entire process. The last thing you should worry about is finding the right repair shop. Know your vehicle is in excellent and capable hands when you work with us. Call or visit us today.

Save Your Wallet and Your Weekend With Texarkana Car Dent Repair

Taking a car to the body shop is not really a fun Saturday activity. However, not all Texarkana car dent repair methods take your time and money. Paintless dent repair offers efficient service that is both fast and affordable so you can spend your time off the way you want to.

How Does PDR Help You Save?

PDR is a method of car dent repair in which technicians remove dents from original car panels as opposed to replacing them. This eliminates the need for replacement parts and paint matching, meaning costs and repair time are lessened. The process is also less invasive than traditional Texarkana car dent repair, so it does not show up on service reports and is trusted by many insurance companies.

What Can PDR Fix?

Although often used to repair auto hail damage, PDR can be used for much more than that. Large and small dents that do not compromise the integrity of the body panel can be repaired with PDR. If you’re curious as to whether your damage can be repaired with PDR, ask for a damage assessment from our Texarkana car dent repair experts!

The Process

The PDR process itself allows for repair of many different dents. First, specially trained technicians use light to help them locate dents based on the shadows they create, and each dent is marked with tape or lead. Then, technicians gain access to the back of the body panel before beginning the dent removal process, as all the work is done on the reverse side. To remove dents, pressure and small hammers are used to help move the metal back into position.

Car dent repair does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. PDR can be done in Texarkana and can save you the money, time, and hassle usually associated with car dent repair. Thankfully, paintless dent repair takes the worry out of car repairs. Next time you look for dent removal, PDR should be your first choice.

Are Do It Yourself Techniques A Good Idea? | Texarkana Dent Removal

Are Do It Yourself Techniques A Good Idea? | Texarkana Dent Removal

Should You Trust DIY Tutorials?

Nowadays there is no shortage of do it yourself techniques, life hacks, and home remedies flooding the internet. They can be found everywhere from obscure forums to the front page of your Facebook feed. In fact, there are websites completely dedicated to easy money saving methods. So they must be credible since they’re so popular right? Well maybe if you are looking for nifty ways to use your old jeans and paper towel rolls.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

In order to understand why so many people follow these tutorials we’ll have to take a look at one of them. Here we see someone applying hot water and a plunger to a very large dent on their back left door panel. The cheap tools and short video length are immediately appealing, but they should be raising red flags for every viewer. You’ll know why by the end.

Take note that he does not need to remove any panels or windows. Eventually, he manages to remove the huge dent. However, at the cost of several smaller dents near the edges of the panel and an obvious crease. These are far more difficult to repair than a large dent and now your Texarkana dent removal crew will have something to talk about over lunch.

So What Are They Missing?

To put it simply, do it yourself dent removal tutorials are missing two essential ingredients:

  • Tools
  • Knowledge

Every good technician has a solid set of tools and years of experience behind them. The industry hasn’t been running this long on $15 shelf kits handled by newbies. Now that’s not to say that do it yourself methods will never work, but there is a significant amount of risk involved if you care about the value of your car. Most of the successful DIY tutorials on YouTube are done by professionals with high end tools. The best solution will always be a reliable Texarkana dent removal company. Call Preferred Paintless Services today at (903) 280-8190 or text a picture of the damage so we can start you off with an estimate!

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