Genoa Body Repair | Quick Dent Removal At Amazing Rates!

Genoa Body Repair | Quick Dent Removal At Amazing Rates!

Do not let vehicle body damage destroy the value of your investment. Instead, trust it to our Genoa body repair shop. Our team of experts are specially trained in the process of paintless dent repair. We use the latest in dent repair technology and techniques to deliver the best results to our customers.

Why Should You Try Paintless Dent Repair?

In short, paintless dent removal means that you won’t need to pay for a custom paint job every time your car gets a little ding. Instead, our Genoa body repair experts can flawlessly remove the body damage, and it can take as little as one hour!

What Is PDR?

Paintless Dent Removal is a revolutionary way to approach body repair to vehicles of all types. Repairing body damage used to be a complex and complicated process that involved multiple steps. It was costly, time-consuming, and even the best repair jobs could still leave an unsightly spot. However, thanks to the non-invasive nature of PDR we can remove all kinds of dings without the hassle of filling and repainting.

How Is PDR Saving You Time and Money?

Instead, we opt to attack the dent from it’s weakest point, either the top or the bottom. If we decide the dent can be removed without reaching behind panels we can use glue tabs to pull it out from the top. Different sizes and consistencies ensure that we pull at precisely the right position with the perfect amount of strength. If it’s better to approach the dent from behind, then we use long reaching tools like slide hammers, and tough points such as our knockdown tips to accurately mold the body panel back to its original shape.

Quick Responses From Genoa Body Repair Experts!

At Preferred Paintless Services we go into careful detail to provide you an accurate quote before any repairs begin. You can request a quote today through our online tool or by texting 903-280-8190. Our Genoa body repair technicians usually respond within an hour.

The Facts About Mobile Auto Dent Repair in Texarkana

The Facts About Mobile Auto Dent Repair in Texarkana

Texarkana Mobile Auto Dent Repair

Need your dents fixed, but can’t find the time to get to the body shop? Texarkana mobile auto dent repair will fit into your schedule seamlessly and have your car looking as good as new.
Texarkana mobile auto dent repair is very different from other forms of dent repair because it can come right to you. There’s no need to go out of your way to visit the body shop. Mobile auto dent repair in Texarkana offers the option to schedule your repairs around your plans.

No Need to Put Your Life on Hold

Say you’re at work all day and then have to go home to the kids, giving you no time to head to the shop yourself. Mobile repairs can come right to you, wherever you are, and fix your dents without needing to bring your car in. This can be very helpful for busy professionals, as some shops can fix your dents in your office parking lot.

Quicker, Faster, and More Affordable

PDR, or paintless dent repair, is often used for mobile auto hail repair in Texarkana. This process is relatively easy to perform and almost all tools required for PDR can be taken on the go. Other forms of dent repair must be done in the body shop as they require fillers, paint, and sometimes even part replacements. Among the portable tools of paintless dent repair are hammers, pull tabs, and hot glue guns, all of which can be brought from the shop to your car for dent removal.

Any Time, Any Place

If you have the time to go to work, you have the time to get your dents removed with Texarkana mobile auto dent repair. Many dents can be removed in as little as an hour with paintless dent repair. You could go into work with a dented car and go home with one that looks brand new. Mobile dent repair is a great option for busy individuals and can work with your schedule to give you dent repair at a time that is most convenient for you.

Are You Looking For Hail Repair in the Right Places? | Hail Repair Texarkana

Are You Looking For Hail Repair in the Right Places? | Hail Repair Texarkana

Hail can leave many parts of your car damaged and in need of replacement. Cosmetic hail damage done to the exterior of your car can come in many forms, and each has a specific method of repair. Whichever part of your vehicle has hail damage, there is a repair method for you.

Below are a few car parts that often receive cosmetic hail damage along with their recommended repair methods.

Body panels, hoods, and trunks

Your car’s metal panels are some of the most likely parts to get damaged. Parts like the hood, trunk, and roof have large, flat surface areas that hail can easily find. Body panel hail damage in Texarkana is characterized by small, round dents. To remove these dents and revert your panels back to their smooth condition, paintless dent repair is the way to go. It’s inexpensive, fast, and doesn’t show up on service reports.

Windows (side and windshield)

Like body panels, windows take up a large percentage of the exterior of a car. However, windows are much more fragile than body panels, and can easily receive hail damage in Texarkana. Windshields have more surface area facing upward than side windows, but are made of thicker glass to prevent as much damage as possible. Side windows are thinner and more easily broken, but their angle makes them harder to be damaged by hail. To repair window damage caused by hail, contact a specialty auto glass replacement company. Some companies require you to come in, while others can bring their services right to you.


Doors can get round dents from hail, but are less likely to receive damage than parts like the hood or the trunk. Doors being perpendicular to the ground as opposed to parallel helps protect them from hail damage, but hail that is traveling at an angle may still cause door dents. Like body panel hail damage, door hail damage can be repaired with paintless dent repair.

Mirrors and lights

The smallest car parts on this list, mirrors and lights have lower chances of receiving hail damage than other areas of a car. Hail may cause these parts to crack or shatter, which could cause difficulty in use while driving. Mirrors and lights, if damaged by hail, will likely need to be replaced.

Save Your Wallet and Your Weekend With Texarkana Car Dent Repair

Taking a car to the body shop is not really a fun Saturday activity. However, not all Texarkana car dent repair methods take your time and money. Paintless dent repair offers efficient service that is both fast and affordable so you can spend your time off the way you want to.

How Does PDR Help You Save?

PDR is a method of car dent repair in which technicians remove dents from original car panels as opposed to replacing them. This eliminates the need for replacement parts and paint matching, meaning costs and repair time are lessened. The process is also less invasive than traditional Texarkana car dent repair, so it does not show up on service reports and is trusted by many insurance companies.

What Can PDR Fix?

Although often used to repair auto hail damage, PDR can be used for much more than that. Large and small dents that do not compromise the integrity of the body panel can be repaired with PDR. If you’re curious as to whether your damage can be repaired with PDR, ask for a damage assessment from our Texarkana car dent repair experts!

The Process

The PDR process itself allows for repair of many different dents. First, specially trained technicians use light to help them locate dents based on the shadows they create, and each dent is marked with tape or lead. Then, technicians gain access to the back of the body panel before beginning the dent removal process, as all the work is done on the reverse side. To remove dents, pressure and small hammers are used to help move the metal back into position.

Car dent repair does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. PDR can be done in Texarkana and can save you the money, time, and hassle usually associated with car dent repair. Thankfully, paintless dent repair takes the worry out of car repairs. Next time you look for dent removal, PDR should be your first choice.

Why Choose PDR for Auto Body Repair in Texarkana?

When your car is damaged, finding the right Texarkana body repair expert is important. For small, hail-sized dents, PDR, or paintless dent repair, is a great option. If your car has small dents with no paint chips it can likely be repaired with PDR quickly and easily. Opt for PDR next time you need Texarkana body repair.

Body shops are excellent for heavy damage or large dents, as technicians will often remove and replace full body panels. However, panel replacement can be unnecessary, expensive, and time consuming when it comes to repairing smaller dents. With PDR, technicians work with existing panels to carefully work out dents with hammers. Because original panels are used and no painting is done, the whole process is made fast and inexpensive for car owners.

Furthermore, traditional body shop repairs often show up on service reports, while PDR does not. PDR is also covered by many insurance companies, including State Farm. If you’re considering PDR for your vehicle, do some research and see if it is covered by your insurance company. Choosing PDR over traditional body repair could save you time and money in the long run when you take your car to the shop.

In addition, paintless dent repair is extremely quick. Compared to the average Texarkana body repair shop, PDR typically takes only a fraction of the time. The average dent can be repaired in just a few hours and hail repair usually takes a few days. However, certain circumstances can extend the repairs so time varies. Always get a proper estimate from your technician for the most accurate results.

Ultimately, paintless dent repair is your #1 option for maintaining maximum resale potential. It is efficient, effective, and does not lower your overall value. Everybody wants a pristine paint finish, so call Preferred paintless services today at (903) 280-8190 for your free damage estimate!

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