Paintless Dent Removal Over Bondo in Texarkana

Paintless Dent Removal Over Bondo in Texarkana

You’ve run to the grocery store to run an errand and come back to a horror scene… a runaway cart that a careless person has haphazardly discarded has smashed into your brand new car and left a massive dent on your door. What are you to do?

There are two primary methods to repairing dents on a vehicle. You have traditional body repair, which includes the use of paint filler, and you have PDR, which requires the skills of a trained technician with specialized tools to pop the dent back into place.

So, which is better? Let’s look at both methods of repair in detail.

Traditional repair uses paint filler, a.k.a Bondo, to fill in dents, creases, and other damage on your vehicle to ‘restore’ the shape of the body panel. The vehicle is then sanded, painted, and buffed before being put back together.

Sure, your car looks as good as new, but is it?

The problems with paint fillers are numerous. Bondo will crack over time if not mixed correctly, leaving the repair looking worse than the original damage. Not only that, but the paint will fade differently over Bondo than it will over the rest of the vehicle, making the repair more noticeable after some time.

PDR, or Paintless Dent Repair, is a more conservative approach to fixing dents. Using specialized tools like dent rods and blending hammers, a certified technician will gently massage a dent back into its original shape, often in a matter of minutes, restoring the look of your car. No fillers or painting here!

Wait a minute, is it really that easy?

Well, yes! PDR is the simplest, easiest, most cost-effective way to get rid of a dent. In fact, it’s the preferred method by most insurance companies when it comes to repairing hail-damaged or dented vehicles. In the case of our shopping cart mishap, the customer can come out paying less than their insurance deductible if they choose the PDR route over the traditional repair!


In every possible case, it’s always beneficial to see if PDR is an option. Its ability to retain the integrity of the body panels and paint is a massive advantage to the vehicle owner over invasive body repair. It’s more cost-effective, and it retains the value of the vehicle better over time.

In this case, the answer is clear, chose PDR!

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