Why PDR May Be A Better Choice Than Texarkana Body Repair?

Why PDR May Be A Better Choice Than Texarkana Body Repair?

Severe weather conditions can result to hail damage on most vehicles including yours. Sometimes door dings on your car can happen in parking lots. So how are you going to fix all these small dents? Paintless Dent Repair, which is also known as PDR, is more affordable than Texarkana body repair. Paintless Dent Repair is one of the numerous services being offered at Preferred Paintless Dent Removal.

Fast Repairs

Since Paintless Dent Repair is not an intrusive process of dent repair compared to Texarkana body repair, then your dents can be fixed quickly. Depending on the size and number of dents on your car, you can probably get back on the road within a few minutes to an hour. However, for severe damage due to hailstorms, the repair can be done in a few hours. With traditional body repair, the repair can probably be completed in days or weeks.

Does Not Damage Your Paint

One of the greatest benefits of PDR is it can preserve the original paint of your car. You don’t have to replace your body panels. Also, you don’t have to worry about any mismatched paint jobs which can make your car look unappealing. At the same time, this can lower down the value of your vehicle. Since  PDR does not use any paint or other chemicals, then it does not harm the environment compared to Texarkana body repair.

Texarkana Body Repair Is More Expensive

PDR is more affordable than Texarkana body repair. Most especially if the dent is only small and easier to reach. In fact, it even costs lesser than your insurance deductible. Thus, you don’t need to file a claim for the damage.

You Can Trust Our Highly Trained Technicians

When it comes to Paintless Dent Repair, we have skilled professional technicians who are specially trained in this technique. PDR is also considered as a work of art. By using proper tools and their unique skills, these technicians can effectively remove those annoying dents and dings on your car. PDR is the inexpensive alternative to Texarkana body repair.

A Complete Newcomers Guide to Texarkana Dent Repair!

A Complete Newcomers Guide to Texarkana Dent Repair!

When you think repairs what is the first thing that comes to mind? Steep prices, long waits, and a ruined paint job? What if we told you none of that headache is necessary? After all, your busy life doesn’t go on pause just because of a little vehicle work. Unfortunately, while paintless dent repair has grown a lot in recent years many still don’t know how it can help them or when to take advantage of it. Here we will break down what exactly PDR is, who can benefit from it, and how much better it will make your life!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is a non-invasive repair method that removes dents, dings, creases, hail damage, and other forms of minor body damage. But to leave it at that would be doing PDR a disservice. This incredible advancement in repair techniques can save you thousands in expenses, days in waiting time, and one annoying trip to the body shop. Thanks to its paint free approach affordable repairs are just a dial away!

The trick to PDR is in its simple process. If you’ve ever been to a body shop you know that they use a profuse amount of tools and materials, most of which are used to fill and paint over dents. However, this is rarely needed for minor body damage. Our process involves far less labor and materials. We start by assessing the damage and finding the best way to access the dent. This may involve some panel removal. From there we carefully apply either knockdown or glue tools to push and pull the dent back into place.

How Can Texarkana Dent Repair Help You?

Your busy life isn’t put on pause just because your car needs a little service. There are still bills to be paid and work to be done, so sitting around waiting weeks on end for your car to be repaired simply won’t cut it. At Preferred Paintless Services our Texarkana dent repair experts know all of the ins and outs of PDR. We offer affordable rates, quick turnarounds, and results that can’t be beat!

Who is Paintless Dent Repair For?

Due to its amazing versatility almost anyone can benefit from paintless dent repair. Supposing your paint finish remains intact PDR can fix just about any form of minor body damage. As for dents it can’t repair they could include:

  • Dents with a very sharp center
  • Anything with cracked paint
  • Dings that are too close to the edge of a panel

Call our Texarkana dent repair team today at (903) 280-8190 to schedule your free quote and start doing PDR the Preferred way!