Is Texarkana Hail Damage Covered By Your Insurance?

Is Texarkana Hail Damage Covered By Your Insurance?

Weather can be unpredictable. When severe storms occur, it can badly damage your house and car. At the same time, it is not safe to drive during hailstorms. Hail can easily damage your car. Sometimes Texarkana hail damage can cost a fortune since the damage can likely occur all over your vehicle.

The good news is, it is possible that Texarkana hail damage can be covered by your auto insurance policy. Unfortunately, if you have a liability only insurance, then hail damage repair will not be covered. So, you will not be able to file a claim for it. Texarkana hail damage can be covered if your insurance policy has a comprehensive coverage. Be sure to purchase a comprehensive coverage before a hailstorm will occur. Normally, if your insurance policy has a collision coverage, then you also have a comprehensive coverage.

Should I Pay A Deductible For The Texarkana Hail Damage?

Absolutely. You will know your deductible upon purchasing your insurance policy. Although you can also choose a zero deductible, however, you need to pay an additional cost for it. Your deductible amount can cover all the Texarkana hail damage on your vehicle. Aside from the dents on your vehicle, this will also cover the broken glass if there is any.

How Do You Fix Texarkana Hail Damage?

At Preferred Paintless Dent Removal, we use Paintless Dent Repair so your vehicle can return back to its pre-accident condition. Sometimes its hard to locate the hail damage on your car. You might see a few dents on the hood, but it’s also possible that there is also some damage to the roof and trunk. Our PDR technicians are experts in determining hail damage.

Hail damage can be very disappointing and expensive too. That is why you should check your insurance policy before a severe storm will occur in your area. Get a comprehensive coverage now!

How To Make A Claim on Texarkana Hail Damage Car Repair

If you’ve been hit by hail, then you should consider Preferred Paintless Services for Texarkana hail damage repair. We can restore your vehicle to its original factory fresh condition. The first thing you should do is make a claim. However, before do that there are some things that you should consider such as:

  • Take photos of the damage. Make sure that you can take a shot from several angles and possibly with the best light. That way we can provide an accurate Texarkana hail damage repair quote. At the same time, it can also help your insurer in making a decision.
  • When done, the next thing to do is to get in touch with your insurance company. You can also send them the pictures that you took so they will have some idea of the damage.
  • Lastly, you can contact our Texarkana hail damage repair team for your estimate.

Is Hail Damage Covered By Your Insurance?

Most people want to file large claims for the damage. You can do this, however, you should check first if you have the appropriate coverage. Usually, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage then you can claim for Texarkana hail damage. This is considered a “non-accident” occurrence, just like theft and vandalism. If you need help filing a claim for your hail damage, then we can gladly assist you in order to make your claim easier and faster.

Can Hail Damage Repair Increase Your Rates?

Some people are hesitant in filing a claim for hail damage. This is because they assume that if they make a claim, their insurance rates might increase. However, your rates will remain the same, as long as you have comprehensive coverage. Hail is considered to be an ‘act of nature’ and will never harm your insurance premiums as long as you pay your deductible. However, if the cost of Texarkana hail damage repair does not exceed the deductible, then perhaps it is not worth claiming. Most often, this can result in drivers neglecting hail damage repair. No matter what you decide, just keep in mind that hail damage cost will be deducted from you next claim.

If you need more information about hail damage insurance claim or hail damage repair cost, then you can always call us at (903) 280-8190.

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