How We Make Our Texarkana Hail Dent Repair Estimates

Your Texarkana Hail Dent Repair Estimate

When determining your Texarkana hail dent repair estimate, technicians need to take into account three standout factors:

  • How big is the dent?
  • How deep is the dent?
  • Where is the dent located?

A few clear pictures could be enough to provide an accurate assessment, but often times we need to see the damage for ourselves under professional lighting equipment. Small details can make a big difference in the quality of your repairs, and we want to make sure we always provide the highest quality results.

Dent Area

The first thing we look for regarding you Texarkana hail dent repair quote is how large the dent is. For many of the hail dents we encounter we start by comparing it to a small coin. The average hail ding is about the size of a nickel, but upon closer inspection the metal around the dent will be stretched. This detail is incredibly important as you want to avoid cracking the paint finish.

Dent Depth

Secondly, the strength of the impact and shape of the object both determine how deep the dent is going to be. For example, a small pebble may not have a wide influence, but the ridged edges cause very sharp dings. These are especially difficult to remove without damaging the paint due to how taught the metal is. Ultimately, this is far more important to your Texarkana hail dent repair quote than the area.

Dent Location

Finally, we take a look at where the damage started. Since you found the dent you probably already know where it is; that part is obvious. However, we’re looking to provide a Texarkana hail dent repair quote. In order to knock the dent out, we need to have access to the back of it. That means removing panels and working between parts. Unfortunately, dings can sometimes land in pretty peculiar places, making them difficult to remove. If the ding has landed on the edge of a door panel, it’s likely we won’t be able to fix it because the metal is tough, and we can’t access the back of it.