Repairing Jeep Damage in Texarkana

Repairing Jeep Damage in Texarkana

We understand Jeep enthusiasts. 

You are a different breed of people. You all do the Jeep wave and have an automatic circle of trust when it comes to your Jeeps. They aren’t a truck, or a car, or an SUV; it’s a JEEP! It really is a Jeep thing. 

Door dings, hail damage, dents, shopping carts dents, they all happen. We have seen many dents on Jeeps from taking them off the road, the back gate swinging open too far, the hood is closed incorrectly. 

Dents on the curved corner of the cowl often happen. The cowl is the piece in between the hood and the windshield. This is an easy place to dent and more of a complex repair. The metal there is soft, and we sometimes have difficulty finding leverage to repair this area, but it is possible. 

Jeep doors also often get dinged or dented when taking them off and on. We can repair dents in the door. There are a few factors when we look at a door repair to estimate pricing. 

First, access. Can we get to the area where the dent is located with our tools? Second, length. How long is the dent? We measure the dent with a ruler and put that length in our estimating software. 

Third, we measure the depth of the dent. Dents are rated by depth; while some are shallow, some are very deep and sharp. 

The great thing about Paintless Dent removal on your Jeep is that it does not devalue your vehicle. The damage, after we are done, should be undetectable. It will never come back with heat or cold; the metal is manipulated on your Jeep back to the original factory shape. 

Paintless dent repair on your Jeep can usually be finished on the same day as you drop it off, and in some cases, with minor repairs, it can be done while you wait. 

Our goal is always to get things done in a timely fashion so that you are back on the road enjoying your Jeep! We would love to take a look at your damage and get you an estimate. Swing by the shop or give us a call anytime. 

If you have questions about the hail damage process, door dings, dents, creases, or damage to your vehicle, please reach out to us at the shop. We would love to help clear anything up and understand how you want to proceed with your car’s repair. We are here to make your repair easy, seamless, and we are here to help. We want to get you back on the road with a JEEP restored to its factory condition. Please give us a call or stop by the shop to estimate the damage. We want to explain the dent removal process to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road and cruising. Call Us Today at 903-280-8190 or fill out our contact form here!