Ashdown Crease Repair

Ashdown Crease Repair


Creases are just another type of dent, and just like other dents, PDR can remove them. In Ashdown crease repair professionals are serious about their work and your vehicle. PDR is short for paintless dent repair. It was invented in February 1960 during the “International Motor Sports Show” in New York, by a man who worked at Mercedes. He was just an ordinary staff member who discovered that instead of using the traditional method of removing dents he could ‘push’ out the dents to restore the surface of the car to its original condition.In Ashdown crease repair team has qualified professionals that do PDR on a professional level.


PDR is relatively easy to do, but requires special skills and equipment nonetheless.

Some of the tools necessary to carry out PDR are some of the following;

· Heat Gun

· Glue

· Crease Tab

· Lighting Systems: Fluorescent or LED lighting that provides illumination. A good example is the ProPdr 46” Chubby HD Light.

· Lined Dent Board

· Brace, Hand, and Hook Tools.

· Rod Tools or paintless dent removal rods.

· Wire Tools.


PDR isn’t too difficult to carry out as the vehicle doesn’t need to be dismantled. PDR takes advantage of the flexibility of the metal to push out the dents.There are special lights used to see the surface of the car properly. In Ashdown crease repair team uses hardened steel rods to push the metal out from inside the panel. They use special glue and tabs made especially for PDR to pull the dents out. These glues and tabs are specially made for PDR as they don’t damage the paint. They also use special hammers to push the dents out.

While you can attempt to repair your vehicle yourself, you’ll get the best quality when you take your vehicle to the Ashdown crease repair team.

Ashdown Dent Removal 

Ashdown Dent Removal 

Ashdown Dent Removal

The very last thing anyone wants to see on their vehicle is a dent, especially if it’s not your fault. Parking lots, garages, and on-street parking all put your vehicle at risk to be damaged. If your vehicle has dents and dings that you just can’t stand the sight of, bring it to our Ashdown dent removal shop.
We know what it means wanting a dent gone. That’s why the trusted professionals at our Ashdown dent removal shop are dedicated to providing you with expert service, fast. We know time is money and you shouldn’t have to be without your vehicle any longer than you need to. Typically, we respond to customer questions within the hour and always do our best to return your vehicle on time.

The technicians in our Ashdown dent removal shop specialize in paintless dent removal. This revolutionary approach means that dents and dings, no longer require a complete paint job. Instead, our dent removal experts can carefully remove the dent from the underside. The result is a flawless finish that generally can’t be seen in even the brightest light.

Paintless dent repair means you no longer need to leave your vehicle for weeks at a time to get dents and dings removed. No matter the exact location of the dent – your car panel, door, or roof, we’re able to leave the original paint finish intact and undisturbed. Feel good knowing that your vehicle looks great no matter the weather.

Restore the factory fresh original look of your vehicle without shelling out for a full paint job when you visit our Ashdown dent removal repair shop. It’s often less expensive than traditional repair with fewer steps involved. Drive with confidence when you repair your dings and dents. Call or visit us today.

Atlanta Auto Body

Atlanta Auto Body

Atlanta Auto Body

There are several reasons when you may need to find out the best auto body repair services for your vehicle. One of the most common reasons is damage to your car due to a collision with another vehicle. You can choose anyone, yet in the our auto body shop we deliver different types of services.  For instance we offer paintless dent repair, paint matching, windshield replacement and repair, and hail damage repair. Furthermore at Atlanta auto body shop, you will get a wide range of services for your vehicle at a reasonable price.

Full Service

In Atlanta auto body shop, we offer oil changes, tires, brakes, and batteries based on all makes and models. Our skilled mechanics in Atlanta auto body shop use hi-tech electronic equipment for the sensitive increments of wheel alignment. This is individualized and customized to the different types of vehicle makes and models. For example one of the primary reasons for servicing your car is to ensure safety and security while you and your family are driving. In the our auto body shop, our capable and experienced technicians understand and are consummate professionals. They always provide on-time services for vehicles, according to the client’s requirement. There are many reasons to proactively service your car regularly and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. These include reduced engine wear; develop fuel economy, and positive identification of any issue which can hinder the safety and durability of your car.

Make an appointment and come in the Atlanta auto body shop. With this purpose in mind we provide you with all the services according to your requirements and within your budget. We are always ready to provide you with the right solution for the specific issues, personalized attention and repair or replacement of damaged parts for any of your vehicles. You can depend on our skill and knowledge to meet all your vehicle needs. . Above all we always fulfil our promises to the client’s satisfaction.

Atlanta Auto Hail Repair

Atlanta Auto Hail Repair

Atlanta Auto Hail Repair

Let us think of a situation; imagine coming back from a party at late night. While driving your car a hail storm hit and suddenly the car breaks down in the middle of the road. Luckily, in Atlanta auto hail repair is coming to your rescue. You will not have to live through this nightmare alone.

For car lovers, it is really heart breaking to see your pristine car with dents reducing not only the vehicle’s beauty, but bringing down the long-term resale value. So, without any hesitation in this situation, feel free to call in Atlanta auto hail repair. One quick call later and you are helped by one of their professional service people. They have been in this industry for years and are experts, fully experienced in removing dents without paint and sandpaper. Swifty the work in Atlanta auto repair will have your favorite car back on track and on the road, dent free. In addition, their work is economical and budget friendly.

Dent removal

The dent removal steps are stress-free. First of all, in Texarkana repair starts by approaching from the back panel by slightly hammering out the dent, so that the contour becomes plain and matches the curvature of the car. Other devices are used to remove the dent such as glue tabs, and slide hammers. They take the utmost care so that the factory finish of the car is retained.

In Atlanta auto hail repair comes to help at the right time and the right place. Their customer’s never feel they are facing trouble alone. Even if you need their services in places such as a parking lot or the garage, while you are in your office meeting, you can trust them to be there at your service. They offer a comprehensive service package with various dent related repairs.

Atlanta Door Ding Repair

Atlanta Door Ding Repair

Atlanta Door Ding Repair

Why do you need the services in Atlanta door ding repair? It is pretty awkward to admit that everyone is a bit concerned, when it comes to maintaining the external beauty of the car. If you have a dent in your car, It makes you even angrier than ever.
But now, dents in the car are not a problem anymore because you have in Texarkana dent repair at your service. The specialty at Atlanta door ding repair service is that they use the topmost tools, latest techniques and have an eye for detail. When it comes to the repair of any kind of dings or dents you are in good hands.

Certified Technicians

Many of us have a car and want nothing but the best when it comes to the maintenance of the vehicle. In Atlanta repair services are the best ones to use. The excellent part of being associated at Atlanta door ding repair, is that you will be assisted by one of the professional assistance technicians and in what would seem no time and a very affordable bill; the car is ready to go. You will be amazed that your car will look as good as new.

The best part of the story is that everything is completed in a professional way. We aim to make your experience exceptional. When it comes to servicing your car we make sure you leave happy and satisfied. Another feature in Atlanta repair is the PDR, this means a repair to the dent without using sandpaper and paint. After the car is repaired, the original finish of the car remains. It is fair to say that in Atlanta repair services, they know the market value of the vehicle. We work hard to keep your vehicle intact.