Why Your Paint is Important and How One Ding Can Ruin It

Why Your Paint is Important and How One Ding Can Ruin It

Texarkana Ding Repair

When you pick a paint job you probably pick the color that you feel represents you the best. But do you stop to think about what else that finish does for you? Or why your car has to have with one?

The Science of Automotive Paint

Car paint isn’t the same as other kinds of paint. When you look at something like a house or a fence, it’s likely you will find flakes and scratches, even if the paint is only a few days old. But car paints hold up for a very long time. Why is that? Painting a car involves many steps and compounds. The most important pieces of your finish are the binder and the clear coat. Your binder determines how the paint sticks to your car and how resilient it’s going to be. The clear coat provides some added shine as well as extra protection against chips and scratches. So now you know why you paint is so tough, but why does it need to be? Cars a made up of much stronger materials anyway right?

Rust Corrosion and Other Damage

Rusted metal | Texarkana ding repair

All cars are made of tough resilient metals that are meant to protect its passengers. But what happens when the metal gets rust or begins to corrode? Very bad things indeed. All metal is susceptible to damage from the elements (water, heat, dirt, harmful chemicals, etc.) and cars are no exception; so vehicle manufacturers apply a clear coat over its entire body to protect the insides. This covers everything, including the exposed metal parts that aren’t painted. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that rust can spread so one small flaw ends up costing them hundreds, or worse. Even the tiniest scratch in your paint job could spell disaster for your car if left unattended. Make sure to repair dings and cracks as soon as possible.


How to Ruin The Value of Your Car

If you are looking for a way to absolutely ravage your resale value as fast as possible then rust and corrosion can certainly do that for you. Nobody wants to buy an ugly car, much less a death trap on wheels. If you plan on selling your ride in the future make sure you repair any paint damage as soon as you notice it. This includes ugly dings. They might look like little harmless craters but in time they can become a home for damage to fester. Even if they haven’t had time to rust, a few dings definitely won’t do you any favors.

Our Texarkana ding repair experts possess the skills and know-how to remove nearly all minor craters without compromising your paint job. Nobody can match our quality at the turnarounds and affordable rates we provide. Start removing damage the paintless way. Contact our Texarkana ding repair shop today at (903) 280-8190 or fill out our free online estimator!

Tips For Buying Hail Worn Cars From Texarkana Hail damage Repair Pros

Tips For Buying Hail Worn Cars From Texarkana Hail damage Repair Pros

Why Dealerships Are Selling Hail Damaged Cars

There are tons of ways to get great deals on the car of your dreams, and dealerships make sure you know about them. Buying something that already has wear and tear is a surefire way to get the low rate that you want. But will it be worth it? Dealerships are here to make a profit, so there must be a reason they’re selling the car for such a low price. Consider these possibilities before buying:

  • Paintless dent repair is very versatile, but it’s possible the car could not be repaired with PDR.
  • The cost of repairs could be higher than the value of the car. Dealerships are out there to make money so this is definitely possible.
  • If the car needs both PDR and body shop repairs

What To Look Out For

Hail damaged cars can strike you a great deal if you take the right precautions, but a slip up could result in one expensive dud down the road. Luckily, there are a few key signs that could save you from getting swindled.

  • Check the car thoroughly. There could be more damage than what’s apparent. Even a little smudge of dirt could hide deal breaking damage.
  • Watch out for broken glass. This is often a bad sign as water could have leaked into the interior and caused electrical damage.
  • Make sure to check the service history. Often, hail damaged cars are sold because it isn’t worth repairing them.
  • Talk to your insurance company before finalizing the purchase. They will likely require you have the damage repaired before approving the vehicle to avoid insurance fraud.

How To Handle Your Own Hail Damage

The battle with hail is difficult, but with the help of your Texarkana hail damage repair pros maintaining your car’s value has never been easier. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is half the battle” and so is the same with hail storms. The best way to keep your car in tip-top shape is to avoid hail all together. One of the best things you could do for your car is to simply check the weather. You might even be able to totally avoid a hail storm. But if the weather’s not on your side try these three tips instead:

  1. Pack some blankets and pillows in your trunk in case you get caught in a storm. They make great cushioning when taped to the roof. If you forgot those then try putting your floor mats on the roof. They might not stop all the damage but it’s certainly better than nothing.
  2. Consider buying a car port. They are easily the most effective way to protect your vehicle without a full sized garage.
  3. It helps to know your local area, especially the spots that have covered parking.
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