5 Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal

5 Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal

Texarkana Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal is a great way to keep your vehicle’s value in peak condition. Find out why so many are making the switch today. Here are 5 fantastic advantages of paintless dent removal you probably didn’t know about!

Highest Quality Repairs

Paintless repairs are the only way to ensure that a dent is 100% removed without any discoloration or deterioration. Body shops need to match paint colors in order to repair your ride often resulting in slight discoloration. Paintless dent removal, on the other hand, restores the state of your car rather than filling up the damage and painting over it.

Cost Effective

No extra materials are required to prime, sand, or paint. Paintless dent removal only uses the tools required to push the dent out and restore your car to its ‘pre-damage’ state. Therefore, there are no invasive processes to slow down our Texarkana paintless dent removal team.

Time Efficient

Paintless dent removal is very simple so repair times are incredibly fast. None of the complex intrusive methods that body shops employ hinder our progress. Depending on how severe the dents are and how many your car has, we could have the repairs done in under an hour.

No Drop in Resale Value

When we say the dent is totally removed we mean it. It’s gone. Your insurance rates won’t rise because of it and it won’t show up on your service history. The dent is never going to return or cause you grief in the future and there is no more need to about it.


You didn’t think PDR could get any better but we did it. Now, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home for repairs anymore. Just give us a ring and we’ll come fix your car right in your driveway.

Why Your Paint is Important and How One Ding Can Ruin It

Why Your Paint is Important and How One Ding Can Ruin It

Texarkana Ding Repair

When you pick a paint job you probably pick the color that you feel represents you the best. But do you stop to think about what else that finish does for you? Or why your car has to have with one?

The Science of Automotive Paint

Car paint isn’t the same as other kinds of paint. When you look at something like a house or a fence, it’s likely you will find flakes and scratches, even if the paint is only a few days old. But car paints hold up for a very long time. Why is that? Painting a car involves many steps and compounds. The most important pieces of your finish are the binder and the clear coat. Your binder determines how the paint sticks to your car and how resilient it’s going to be. The clear coat provides some added shine as well as extra protection against chips and scratches. So now you know why you paint is so tough, but why does it need to be? Cars a made up of much stronger materials anyway right?

Rust Corrosion and Other Damage

Rusted metal | Texarkana ding repair

All cars are made of tough resilient metals that are meant to protect its passengers. But what happens when the metal gets rust or begins to corrode? Very bad things indeed. All metal is susceptible to damage from the elements (water, heat, dirt, harmful chemicals, etc.) and cars are no exception; so vehicle manufacturers apply a clear coat over its entire body to protect the insides. This covers everything, including the exposed metal parts that aren’t painted. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that rust can spread so one small flaw ends up costing them hundreds, or worse. Even the tiniest scratch in your paint job could spell disaster for your car if left unattended. Make sure to repair dings and cracks as soon as possible.


How to Ruin The Value of Your Car

If you are looking for a way to absolutely ravage your resale value as fast as possible then rust and corrosion can certainly do that for you. Nobody wants to buy an ugly car, much less a death trap on wheels. If you plan on selling your ride in the future make sure you repair any paint damage as soon as you notice it. This includes ugly dings. They might look like little harmless craters but in time they can become a home for damage to fester. Even if they haven’t had time to rust, a few dings definitely won’t do you any favors.

Our Texarkana ding repair experts possess the skills and know-how to remove nearly all minor craters without compromising your paint job. Nobody can match our quality at the turnarounds and affordable rates we provide. Start removing damage the paintless way. Contact our Texarkana ding repair shop today at (903) 280-8190 or fill out our free online estimator!

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