Aluminum Paintless Dent Repair in Texarkana

Aluminum Paintless Dent Repair in Texarkana

More and more cars are made of aluminum. We all love our trucks in Texas, and many new trucks, including Ford’s, are made completely of aluminum. Technology is evolving on cars, and so is the repair process for PDR. Preferred Paintless PDR is ready and willing to fix your aluminum dent, ding, or hail damage. 

Many vehicles these days have aluminum panels throughout. Although this has many benefits for the manufacturer and the driver,  aluminum is more difficult to repair properly. 

When cars and trucks are made with Aluminum, it is lighter, than steel and it allows automakers to increase dent resistance—they can make body panels thicker while still lowering weight. And a lower-weight vehicle has better acceleration, better braking, and better handling.

Aluminum doesn’t have a memory like steel, which most vehicles are made of, and it takes a lot of manipulation to repair properly. Our technicians are legitimate artists who have to rebuild curves, body lines, and your car’s shape back to the way it was in the factory.  Aluminum is also 7 times harder to repair than steel. It takes a lot more tork, strength, and pushing to get the panel back, equating to a longer repair time. Aluminum is one of the hardest metals to repair, and it takes a skilled and seasoned tech to get this back. 

Heat can be a valuable tool in Paintless Dent Removal. Aluminum also reacts differently from steel when heat is applied. Heat is an important part of dent removal, so we don’t crack or hurt the paint and make the metal easier to push. Aluminum not only needs heat for shaping, but it is also tricky in how it reacts to heat.

Too much heat can compromise the integrity of the aluminum and leave it permanently softened. It can also damage the paint and make it bubble, but the heat the necessary to make the aluminum malleable so it can be reshaped.

We are trained and ready to repair your aluminum cars, trucks, and vehicles at Prefered Paintless Services. Hail damage is also one of our specialties. We can fix any aluminum car that has been hit with hail or any other damage that may have occurred. While aluminum is harder to ding and dent, it still happens. 

If you have questions about door dings, dents, or damage to your vehicle, please reach out to us at the shop. We would love to help clear anything up and understand how you want to proceed with your car’s repair. We are here to make your repair easy, seamless, and we are here to help. We want to get you back on the road with a car restored to its factory condition. Please give us a call or stop by the shop to estimate the damage. We want to explain the dent removal process to make things seamless and easy and get you back on the road and cruising. Call Us Today at 903-280-8190 or fill out our contact form here!

Why Choose PDR For Texarkana Door Ding Repair

Why Choose PDR For Texarkana Door Ding Repair

Need to repair those dings and dents? PDR is the best option for Texarkana door ding repair. It can remove dents and dings at a fraction of the cost of traditional body repairs.

Why Paintless Dent Repair Is Effective

By using paintless dent repair, the original paint finish of your car will be preserved. In most cases, Texarkana door ding repair can only take a few hours. At Preferred Paintless Dent Removal, we have highly skilled technicians who are well experienced in PDR. Most of our clients are surprised at our capacity of restoring the value and appearance of their car in just a short period of time.

How Paintless Dent Repair Works

PDR is a unique technique used for Texarkana door ding repair. Our PDR technicians will use special tools in removing dents and dings from vehicles. However, PDR can only be effective if the paint on your car has not been cracked or damaged. The tech will carefully massage the dents or dings from the inside so the repair will be unnoticeable. We do not use body fillers or painting in order to protect the original finish of your vehicle.

What Causes Dents In Vehicles

One of the major causes of Texarkana door ding repair is mother nature. Sometimes severe storms can occur anytime. If you are not prepared for it, then most likely, it can result in numerous dents and dings on your car. You should not park your vehicle too closely in a parking lot in order to avoid bumping into car doors. Misplaced shopping carts can often result in dents and dings once they bump into your car. Bouncing balls are another common cause for Texarkana door ding repair.

We can help you with your Texarkana door ding repair. For a free estimate, just call (903) 280-8190. Our expert technicians can remove dents and dings as long as the paint is not cracked or damaged.

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